Post 1216: Dingy dinghy

8′ Dingy boat

Homemade dingy boat 8’ long

Sailor Sparky is totally correct. He has a dingy boat that needs paint. It might also be called a dinghy as in small boat used for recreation or racing. As submitter Ralph said, “It needs paint” which is easy to see. What I don’t understand is the purpose of the models of the boat on a coffee table. Are those included with the free boat? Guess we will never know.


One thought on “Post 1216: Dingy dinghy

  1. Sadly, the last several decades of “for sale” ad in sailing periodicals have seen a demise of the “h” in dinghy.
    The use of “tender” and “knock-about” has increased for being easier to spell.

    Spark’s model of his punt (a common name for square-fronted boats) may be of more use than his actual one. While probably quite strong for its weight–the veneer plywood laminated in fiberglass resin is a proven method–Spark has omitted key features.

    Like a thwart for a seat. Nor a gunwale (aka “gunnel”) at the lip to support oarlocks (or mooring hardware of any sort). Spark appears to have omitted any provision for a rudder, too.

    So as small boats go this is . . . a minty shell.

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