Post 1219: I Get Chills

20′ x 10′ Complete Garage Carport w/Side Wall & Frames Car Shelter Can – $200


The 10′ x 20′ Carport canopy with Side Walls, Door, and frames and canopy. All panels included are independent and can be attached at the users discretion. During the winter months all panels on the 10′ x 20′ canopy can be utilized to convert the shelter into a fully enclosed garage. During the summer months, the panels can be removed to achieve reduced temperatures while still protecting important valuables.

Package Includes:(1) 100% polyethylene fabric Top Cover (2) 6’3″ x 20 Solid Side Panels 1) Double Zippered Front Door (1) Solid Back Door (24) 1-1/4″ White Powder Coated Steal Frame With Connectors Ball Bungee Ties Temporary Spike Anchors

Cover Specifications: 12 Mil, 6 Oz Polyethylene Material Triple Layer, Rip Stop Fabric Laminated Waterproof UV Resistant, 50+UPF Rating Blocks More Than 98% Of Harmful Rays Anti-fungal, Anti-Fade And Anit-Aging Elements Added To Fabric Twist Tight Tensioning Technology

Sparky attempted to list two separate items for sale and got the photos mixed up. That’s my theory. Anyone else have a guess? Please include what drugs you think were involved.

One thought on “Post 1219: I Get Chills

  1. Well, Spark clearly lifted online images of a “shaved ice machine.”
    Why use online photos instead of your own begs some questions I’m disinclined to consider.
    Also, given that Spark is willing to lift photos of the one thing, why they did not lift photos of the other.
    I strongly suspect a 3rd party, of imagined skills, was pressed into service here. In very much the “that’s not how this works” sort of method, too.

    Now, in some climates, a Shaved Ice Machine might be used to build a car shelter, if vvveeeerrrryy slowly.

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