Post 1228: Made in Australia?

Char Broil Charcoal Grill

Hasn’t been used in many years, clearing out the old shed.

Sparky’s been living in a shed Down Under. Ralph found this great ad with genius photorealistic shots of a grill in the wild. Since everything in Australia can kill you, I wouldn’t trust anything cooked on this. Even if you could figure out how to keep it on the grill.


One thought on “Post 1228: Made in Australia?

  1. Char-Broil makes a good grill (or did, there’s debate on the modern versions). The iron box construction holds heat well, and lasts forever.
    However, this one appears to be missing some critical (and hard to source) parts. The sliding ash tray is pretty critical for controlling the draft. Mind, that’s of little use as the heavy iron cooking grates appear to be missing. The adjustable coal grating also appears to be missing.

    So all antipodean Spark is offering is an empty iron box with a lid. No doubt filled with spodders, scorpions, and the like.

    Hard pass, mate.


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