Southern California

Bio: Once upon a time, I stumbled across a blog called You Suck at Craigslist. http://www.yousuckatcraigslist.com/ I had so much fun posting there over the years, and I made some wonderful friends, including the Llama-nun and Ostrimu who invented the site. They trusted me enough to confer moderator status on me, and allowed me to update the daily best comments box. These are busy, professional people, and soon they had to cut back to 3 days a week with a "Redux" on the weekend. Then the "Redux" went away. Then, sadly, the site came to an end after only 1800 posts. Those of us who had been commenting for years were unbelievably sad. I went into an actual depression. Then I had the idea for Welcome to Fabulous Sparkyville. I asked permission of the YSaC web bosses, and got their blessings. And thus, this blog came to be. Most of the current commenters are from the old site, and I really appreciate their support. If you like the site, please leave a comment. Otherwise you are that most vile and scorned creature, the Lurker. Thanks!

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