Post 809: Put Another Nickle In

This week I am proud to present NinjaChow’s collection of Imperfect Finds!

Portable Musical Book Player – $40
Portable Musical Book Player
I can’t find anything like it on the world wide web so may be the only one left in the world ??
I owned this as a teen and now i am 67 so you figure out how old it is .
I put batteries in it and does not play well so will have to be reconditioned but worked good when put it away those many years ago.!

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Post 782: Not a Happy Tree

Tree Painting

post 782 happy tree.jpg

Red tree painting 48×48.
Free, call or txt. ##number.###.more numbers

That tree is not painting. It’s pretty much just standing there. It’s probably outstanding in its field. Where is Bob Ross when one needs him? He could make that tree happy. He could teach that tree to paint. He could show Sparky what a tree that is painting actually looks like.

Post 778: I Brung Ya a Present

Antique Comb – $25
condition: good– make / manufacturer: long gone
Perfect for any friend who is a beautician or barber. They can put this on the wall by their work station. This is metal and wood, total antique. Im firm on my price for this piece, its actually really cheap for such an old antique. makes a good birthday or xmas gift.
comb, brush, beauty supplies, hair salon, barber shop.

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Post 764: Hello, Dollies!

Beautiful Porcelain Dolls – $1


I have some beautiful porcelain dolls too many to load all the pictures but here is a lot most of them are brand new in excellent condition well worth over what I’m asking for them with Christmas and holidays coming up they would make a great gift every single one has certificate of authenticity and its original box. Some of them sing have stands and accessories. For any questions or more info please feel free to call or text me I can take up close pictures for better photo quality upon request. . show contact info
Open to all offers
Georgetown collection peaches &cream by Ann Timmerman, Ariel the spring angel by Ann Timmerman, Todller by Marie Osmond, Gustave and Gretchen, Ann by Kelly RuBert, Bess by Rose Pinkul, little ballerina by Susan Wakeen, first kiss Hamilton collection, waiting for santa by Elaine Campbell, Morgan Brittany collectable dolls, The prestige collection(samantha, Haward, boy on sleigh, Pamela) connoisseur collection by Seymour Mann(6), porcelain dolls(2)

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Post 763: Fewer Dice

1982 Board Game “It’s A Man’s World” PHAD Productions New Sea – $30Brand new and still sealed after over 35 years!

post 763 game

The mere title of this game (along with the fact that its makers had the audacity to produce it in the USA) should be enough to throw your favorite Democrat / Commie / Liberal / Fake-News / Feminazi friend into a full-fledged fit.
The game is vaguely similar in play to Careers in that there are different tracks that players can take, however, players must roll and move, and then do whatever the spaces instruct them to do.
Pieces move around an outside blue track if the piece is male, and the inside pink track if the piece is female. This is purportedly so that the men can protect the women.
Players move by rolling 2 dice, if on the outside track, and 1 die if on the inside track. Men start with paychecks of $710 and Women with $300. The first player to reach 10 status points and amass $20,000 wins!

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