Post 364: This Doesn’t Suck

You know what? Sometimes, things suck. Sometimes finding the time to do everything and being too tired to do it when you have time sucks. Raising kids who are ungrateful brats sucks. Getting fat when you eat donuts and mac and cheese sucks. Being a wage slave sucks. Being a retired wage slave sucks. Well, okay, not as much as being not retired. Continue reading

Post 352: Thy Odd and Thy Staf

I’m open to suggestions on this one. Sparky lives in the mountains of New Hampshire and managed to avoid that new-fangled learnin’. Or he took the state motto of Live Free or Die to heart and is totally free of books and computers. NH is The Granite State because of folks like this whose heads are, apparently, made from stone. Continue reading

Post 349: Can You Dig It?

A tree grows in Sparkyville. Right in the center of this Sparky’s property, apparently. But there’s something about the tree that Sparky just doesn’t like. Is it the fronds that dry up and fall down? Is it the rats and bats that possibly nest in the dried fronds that haven’t fallen down? Or is it that Sparky wants to put in a pool? Continue reading