Post 403: A Different Type of Pool Shark

Summertime is perfect weather, usually, for taking a dip in a pool. I wish I had a pool. I have the water, but I don’t have the thing the water goes in that makes it a pool. I wonder if I can find that thing on Craigslist? Continue reading


Post 379: Roll Over, Play Dead

Cars come and go on Craigslist. Sparkyville is full of the wrecks of the past. Because you never know when you might be able to sell it for $200.

A few pictures, a brief explanation that is totally confusing, and a firm price of $250 if you want the tranny. It’s all good.

Best 4WD on the Planet 96 Range Rover Suspension & Chassis – $200

Best 4WD on the planet – Chassis & Suspension
1996 Range Rover – rollover
Build your ultimate off road vehicle
Body unbolts to a massive frame & suspension.
It’s all there including an extra set of air bags.
Price reduced to $200.
I believe it still has a clean title which I have.
I also have a good transmission for $250.
This is a firm price !
Please no low offers or trades,…

Shouldn’t that say the body unbolts FROM a massive frame? That last photo is a bit eerie, kind of the dead dog view. One Moving Violation submitted this as the “Best 4 Wheel Disaster”. Good call. You win the Internet!

Post 332: Cinematic Reruns

Currently, the brains involved in deciding what sort of movie to make are all from committees of janitors and mail room clerks. They sit around a big board room table and throw darts at the posters from the best selling movies of the past century. Whichever poster gets the most darts, that’s the one they remake. Continue reading

Post 246: Don’t Fence Me In

At the end of this year, it will be 2 years since You Suck at Craigslist hung up the keyboard. I’m enjoying this attempt to be similar yet different. Different in that the comments haven’t taken off like YSaC did. And of course, my knowledge of music, art, and roller derby cannot compare to what the Llamanun and Ostrimu brought to their blog. Continue reading

Post 190: The Defiant One

There’s an old saying that the Sparky who dies with the most toys, wins. No one knows exactly WHAT is won. And as time passes, some Sparkies are just giving up on the whole collection of toys religion. They just say no.

99 Honda 400ex 4-wheeler – $1200

This is a really good running 4-wheeler but it has defiantly been rode hard throughout its life. Defiantly has some cosmetic wear. 1200 obo. I’m open to trades. Just text me and shoot an offer the worst I can say is no.

OMV, tell me why you have to run if you got 4 wheels? How can you play an obo while being rode hard? Life’s little mysteries, I guess. Thanks for the ad.