Post 378: Eurotrash

I know, I didn’t come up with that word on my own. I had help from the actual president of the US of A. He was a little pushy about me using the word so I guess I better. Otherwise someone might leak the fact that I didn’t and then a Twitter Storm will descend on me. No one wants that. Continue reading


Post 357: News from Mom’s Basement

Disclaimer: I know lots of people who cosplay. Cosplay means the person likes to dress up as either a recognizable character from various medias or who portrays their own character from those same books, movies, TV shows, etc. Many of them are very normal people whom I like to hang out with. The rest of them are friends who always have my back. Continue reading

Post 313: Well, That Escalated Quickly

The season of Peace and Love and Light is behind us now. Our family and friends are returning to the places from whence they came. The fruit cake is stealthily being sent to food drives in Namibia. And Grandma had picked out the dress she wants to wear to her oldest granddaughter’s wedding in June. Continue reading