Post 507: Cage Match

Dom Bird cage
Great Dom Bird cage this comfortable home for small birds to Med size Birds.
Includes three doors for easy access to your pet, two perches &Toys pull-out tray and removable grate for easy cleaning.
20x16x15 inches

Asking $ 45.00 Cash ( like New )

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Post 434: Zombie Microwave

FS: Panasonic Countertop Microwave *needs repair*–$20

very large capacity microwave is in great condition but does not power on for more than 3 seconds (shuts off on its own). this is a great deal if you can fix it yourself. the unit retailed for $350 when bought new. Continue reading

Post 322: The Future Four Years

Pollution. People losing houses. Jobs going to China. Education, which is already below European standards, will slip even more. Health care only for the rich. Beloved celebrities dismissed as jokes. Another recession.

Luckily, we still have Craigslist.

 Free beer fridge (Area)


Free fridge, no shelves, had to make some. Kind of getto but keeps things cold.

Thanks, NinjaChow, for restoring my faith in Sparkies. Plus I always thought things stayed cold in the ghetto in the winter without help. The More You Know. . .