Post 377: Dat Ass.

Some folks think all 12-inch fashion dolls are the same as that one very famous one. The one that comes with all the neat cars and friends and other accessories. The one whose head came off when I took her to the beach and ill-advisedly took the doll into the waves. The one who became the Fabulous Headless Fashion Model after that. Continue reading

Post 348: Frozen Assets

This post has nothing to do with: The Bank of England, Euros, Brexit, Russians, Global Warming, or the phenomena that is Enrique Iglesias. No, this is about possibly props from a science fiction movie that failed to happen. Or a benefit from a retirement home that no one really wanted. Or a way to ease the pain of your child’s first goldfish death. Continue reading

Post 176: Have Fun RE-Storming the Castle.

Sparky comes from a nomadic tribe of traders who roamed icy wastelands looking for a new place to pitch their tents and tent their pitches. As soon as they earned enough to buy more fuel for the snow camels, they were off again. And even as they traveled they would flag down passing caravans and offer to clean their windshields for 3 kopecks. Continue reading