Post 902: Infinite Lack

Vertical Pallet Garden – $100


I am offering a unique vertical pallet garden that will bring you so much joy every time you see it! This is made from a repurposed pallet that has been sanded, stained, and set up to raise the vibe of your Home! I enjoy mine adorned with a beautiful array of succulents since they don’t require much watering, but you can grow anything from succulents to herbs to small vegetables! I’m hoping for $100 as is, or if you would like it loaded with succulents the price would increase to $222. This is available for free pick up or delivery around [Place Name] county for an additional charge! Thanks for checking out my work! Infinite Love 🙂

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Post 688: Crafty or Stupid?

Burlap for crafts – $4


Burlap squares for a rustic table clothe or wedding gifts? Tablecloth gift bag, privacy screen,
6 feet wide squares
ONLY $4.00 each !!!
( these sell at home depot for $7.00+tax!)
Buy five get one FREE!
Bundle of 25 for $85.00
For yard waste or grass clippings after mowing the lawn or raking up leaves and garden debris.
Forget the plastic trash bags!
Most people use these after using the lawnmower or Weedwhacker machine or chainsaw cuttings.

Burlaps for sale. Available by appointment.
Appointment only.

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##00 Ponto road

lawn mower or Weed whacker machine or chain saw cuttings.

Twenty-five bags is 5×5, so I get 5 of them free. That leaves 20 to be paid for, at $4 each. $80. But I don’t know if these are the 6 ft. wide squares or the replacement for the plastic bags. Is it crafty to use these for raking up leaves, then make a wedding present out of them? I wish there was a better name for a Weed whacker machine. I’ll sleep on it.