Post 805: Tarantara Tarantula

Tarantula Trade?

post 805 sling

Looking to possibly trade my T. vagans (Mexican Red Rump) tarantula sling for a different tarantula or small “creepy” crawler. It’s approximately 6 months old, still doesn’t have it’s colors.

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Post 526: Diamonds are a Sparky’s Best Friend

Sparky, jr.: Daddy, now that the nice lady left you, can we go on a vacation?

Sparky, sr.: Well, son, that’s a pretty good idea. Maybe we can go visit your mama in that Federal Correctional Facility in Florida.

Sparky, jr.: But I want to go to DisneyWorld. Besides, we don’t have a car.

Sparky, sr.: Not a problem, I have something I can sell or trade. Now you go pack. Continue reading