Post 381: A Classic Never Goes Out of Style

Because people can be predictable, I checked my local Craigslist for the word “bowel”. I did see a couple instances where the word was not used in connection with tableware. Thank you, Squatty Potty, for that new development. However, enough misuse existed to be worth the search. Continue reading

Post 314: 99 Bottles of Vintage Beer on the Wall

Did you know that the word vintage mostly relates to wine and wine-making? Only a few definitions mean something other than wine. Noun: the class of a dated object with reference to era of production or use: a hat of last year’s vintage. Adjective: old-fashioned or obsolete: vintage jokes. being the best of its kind: They praised the play as vintage O’Neill. That’s it. Continue reading

Post 238: Living Language

When a language encounters people who speak it, who may not have absorbed any of the teachings they were exposed to, and who may not be able to diagram a sentence, the language changes. It hasn’t got much choice. Either it lets people treat it like elastic or it goes the way of Latin and Welsh.

If Sparky wants to call a desk a chest of drawers, who is going to stop him? Certainly not Craigslist.

Antique wood chest drawers – $80

40 in. W x 18 in D x 30 in. H

$80 obo

This is a solid wood, antique piece– not veneer over particle wood. It’s not fancy, but it’s well-made. It would be perfect for a kid’s bedroom. There are a lot of little imperfections in the surface of the wood–which would easily sand out if you choose to refinish, but would be fine for a child. And the drawers are the exact width of DVDs/Blurays, so it would be an excellent TV stand. I’ve lined the drawers with contact paper, but the paper isn’t stuck permanently to the wood.

Must pick up. One flight of stairs.
Allergen warning: coming from a home with a cat

I can’t even pick up a ladder, let alone a flight of stairs. I just feel sorry for the cat who now must write all his letters on the floor. His people must be barbarians. Thanks for the post, OMV. As always, nice find.