In Memorium

My heart hoped I would never have to post another page like this. After we lost our first member, we all hoped everyone else would stay, you know, alive. But that was not to be. In October of 2018, this message was posted about Supreme Ruler:

“My mother — lost her battle with cancer. She passed away quietly in her sleep.”

Not until this week did any of us YSaCers see the post. Thanks for Mudslicker for bringing it to our attention. A whole lot of life disappears before we are even aware that it’s gone. I hope this tribute to SR stays here for a long time.

She used to say she was dealing with a broken snarker. Nonetheless, she came up with some good comments. Here are some examples from YouSuckatCraigslist:

My 5 yo grandson did the whole bended knee thing the last week of kindergarten, and *married* the prettiest girl in class. I don’t know where the idea came from, but none of us tried to stop it.

*sigh* Indoor items (coffee tables, vacuums, etc.) are dragged out to the front yard to be photographed, so I guess it’s appropriate to bring your vehicles indoors for their portraits.

Presented without comment:

Now she has gone on to rule supremely in another realm. She and abwh have slid into home and shouted, “Wow! What a ride!” With love, from the whole crew.