Post 348: Frozen Assets

This post has nothing to do with: The Bank of England, Euros, Brexit, Russians, Global Warming, or the phenomena that is Enrique Iglesias. No, this is about possibly props from a science fiction movie that failed to happen. Or a benefit from a retirement home that no one really wanted. Or a way to ease the pain of your child’s first goldfish death. Continue reading


Post 346: Tiger, Tiger, Freezing Here.

If a refrigerator no longer keeps things cold, shouldn’t we call it a pantry? If a stove no longer heats up food, doesn’t that make it a pot and pan storage system? If a washer doesn’t and a dryer can’t, why aren’t they called planters or lawn ornaments? Continue reading

Post 313: Well, That Escalated Quickly

The season of Peace and Love and Light is behind us now. Our family and friends are returning to the places from whence they came. The fruit cake is stealthily being sent to food drives in Namibia. And Grandma had picked out the dress she wants to wear to her oldest granddaughter’s wedding in June. Continue reading