Post: 761: We Got Trouble

24’ collapsed pool


24’ pool collapsed in back yard. Free for salvage. Not including filter. Just come pick it up

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Post 760: In Which Sparky Tries to Get His Rocks Off



Rocks free for the taking, most are 4″- 6″ range
Near [Ruh-roh] and [Location]
Calls or texts only, ad will be removed when gone

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Post 750: Hale and Farewell

Free Hay Bales
I have 8 hale bales in my backyard that we don’t need anymore. They’ve been outside for about 8 months. Used as bow-n-arrow targets. Definitely not recommended for indoor use, but perfect for outside Halloween or Fall decor! All 8 in tact, a couple with a bit of mold from water, but you just need to flip them. If you want them…come and get them. They are pretty heavy, so it will take two people to move them

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