Post 521: And Then There Were Five

Numbered Wolf Family Statues
Lifesized wolf family statues. These state Pandora and are numbered. $500 for all OBO.

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Post 469: Bow Wow Whoa

Rehoming my bulldog
post 469 bulldog
Trying to find a new home for my bulldog. He is 7 and he is very kind and sweet.
I work long hours and don’t have time to spend with him any more. He is good with people and children.
Send me an email or text if you’re interested to meet him and know more.
Thank you

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Post 110: It’s a Pugly World

This blog has been about the struggle of class against class. It has been about the futility of breading pets. It has been about Sparky’s inhumanity. Today we look at all those pets who don’t get enough unwanted attention.

Adult Pug (Vogon, CA)

Featured imageFeatured image

Very beautiful Pug for sale. Cannot take her on our journey called Life, however we are looking to give her to a loving family who will give her all the unwanted attention she needs. Looking for serious buyers only. We will only sell to those who really want to take her in. $300 obo text me at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Yeah, whoever buys her will be taken in, that’s for sure. Where are we going to find 300 obos at this time of day? Life. Don’t talk to me about life.

Post 108: Can I Buy Some Punctuation Pat?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines punctuation thus: “The practice, action, or system of inserting points or other small marks into texts, in order to aid interpretation; division of text into sentences, clauses, etc., by means of such marks.” We have often chuckled over the lack of such in ads on Craigslist. Continue reading