Post 821: So Mature

Mature Palm Tree!

post 821 palm tree.jpg

condition: new
In my backyard I have a large palm tree 11′ tall, from base to crown, that could be removed and transplanted. Although it is only 11′ in height, the trunk is 2′ in diameter . I’m not sure how old it is but it’s obviously mature. You will need to excavate the tree from my backyard.
Trunk diameter: 2′
Approx height: 11′

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Post 816: Is That a Fack?

Important Notice — I’ve been so busy washing my hands and hoarding supplies that I seem to have gotten off track in my post numbers. Rather than change the titles, which are linked elsewhere by that name in a URL, I’ll make a note in each post. Thank you for your support and please stop licking the laptop. –Ed.

Fack Masks – $15
Unisex 2 ply 100% cotton Anti Dust Face Mouth and Nose Mask Washable, Reusabable – Protection from Dust, Pollen, Pet Dander, Smoke, Other Airborne Irritants – Adult – Solid Color or Pattern
Adult and Junior sizes
to order.

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Post 789: Modern Old Technology

HVAC Blower Fan OBO – $30
condition: excellent
Parted out from a 5 ton heating / Air conditioning that was replaced in our house. Ran perfectly when removed. will run on 120 or 240 volts AC. Great for garage cooling.
I am old and so is my cell phone so we do not text, texts will not be received or responded to. I am a disabled Viet Nam vet so I am slow. Please call or respond to this email with location and pickup time.
[Sparky]’s Cell (###) $$$-** number number NO TEXTS

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Post 782: Not a Happy Tree

Tree Painting

post 782 happy tree.jpg

Red tree painting 48×48.
Free, call or txt. ##number.###.more numbers

That tree is not painting. It’s pretty much just standing there. It’s probably outstanding in its field. Where is Bob Ross when one needs him? He could make that tree happy. He could teach that tree to paint. He could show Sparky what a tree that is painting actually looks like.