Post 1162: Welease Wodewick!

Free Roman shades window treatment/curtain

Free window treatment, I believe this style is called Roman shades, I’m not 100% sure. 45 inch4s across x 70 inches long. Comes with two extra interior lining.

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Post 1022: Obvious Plant

●Plumeria Party: Fully Rooted and Fully Fantastic●

Aloha Craig’s List Smarties!! It’s a Plumeria Party!!

All plumerias are fully rooted, fully fantastic, and varying shades of pink. Most have multiple tips and all are approximately 24″ or taller. These fun-filled plumerias are $13.00 each and super ready to be taken home by you!! 😎

When you write back, please let us know when you want to stop by. Thank you much and hope to see you soon!!

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