Post 574: Free Doesn’t Mean Good

FREE Small Leather Sofa,Dinner+Chairs and Shelves
  FREE Small Leather 2seat Sofa,Dinner+Chairs and Shelves Perfect for Studio size condo .
All In good condition .first come, first served – You pick up all .

Must all go by JUNE 30 .

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Post 192: Just Hanging Around

Well, this is awkward. Sparky just booked a club in his NRA-sanctioned Campgrounds, Happy Trees. When he looked up the club on the intertubes, he discovered that Preserve Our Wild America was not a swingers club. In fact, these wealthy individuals would no doubt object to the manner in which the lodge was decorated. Continue reading

Post 126: When You Gotta Go

Could it be that Sparky tried to help the homeless by setting up a loo in his front yard? Could it be that this idea went horribly wrong? Now he has vampire porcelain that can’t be left out in the sun. At least there’s no worry about hooking it up to plumbing. Just go somewhere else if you had the garlic special pizza. Continue reading