Post 327: The Sweet Smell of Nothing

It was a dark and stormy night. Sparky lost power and needed candles to see the television by. Luckily, someone had given him or her a very special present last Christmas. Something no one else has. Continue reading


Post 305: That Sinking Feeling

Here’s your Rose-tinted glasses. You are going to need them to look at today’s offering. Remember, things in Sparkyville don’t get fixed up all that often, so an item we would classify as trash is an antique to Sparky. And worth oodles of money. Continue reading

Post 131: Super-Glidey

Language flows and changes with the times, which is why time travel is a load of hooey. You would not understand what people were saying some centuries ago, and they would think you were a loonie. For instance, in 1769, if you ordered a plate of macaroni, you would have to clarify if you meant the exotic dish or the fashionable young men. Continue reading