Post 133: I Think You Misspelled Weird

Art for art’s sake. And to make some money. And to help you forget that you can’t have a dog. It’s been so long since you had a dog, you can’t really remember what they look like. This is close. Continue reading


Post 131: Super-Glidey

Language flows and changes with the times, which is why time travel is a load of hooey. You would not understand what people were saying some centuries ago, and they would think you were a loonie. For instance, in 1769, if you ordered a plate of macaroni, you would have to clarify if you meant the exotic dish or the fashionable young men. Continue reading

Post 84: Don’t Fear the Furries

Once upon a time, a certain well known and very quick to sue company that had some amusement parks and did lots of fairy tales as animated classics produced a version of Robin Hood using animals as the main characters. That is the moment historians point to as the start of the Furry culture. You see, Furries are people who like to dress up in animal costumes and be that animal. Sex may be involved. Continue reading

Post 76: Couched in Our Indifference

Couches, like just about everything in life, come into style and then go out again. Sometimes they hang around even though no one wants them anymore. After a decade of kids peeing on the couch and animals scratching on it, it sort of becomes one of the family. Like Uncle Marv who has no where else to go. And he’s always trying to bum cigarettes off you. Continue reading