Post 1206: A Nope Necklace

This week, I’m looking at CL ads around the world. This one is from London.

Tarantula Leg Necklace – £12

Tarantula Leg Necklaces Find your favourite molts in a stylish corked bottle and faux leather necklace. Perfect for those cute, quirky and loving being different. Bottles are approx 3cm tall Currently available :

Poecilotheria Regalis (Indian Ornamental) from our pet TIGER

Juvenile Omothymus Violaceopes (Singapore Blue) from our pet COBALT

If you would like a particular species please message when placing your order else you will be sent a surprise! **All Tarantula parts are from molts, a natural part of a tarantula lifecycle and growth. Each one is a beloved pet of ours and kept under excellent conditions. No tarantulas are harmed in the making of these items. **

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