Post 1043: Just Add Water

80k free small baby powder containers

Hello, I have 80,000 (yes, 80k) 50g plastic baby powder bottles that I need to get rid of from a failed business model. It is a 2-part assembly with a cap (polypropylene) and a bottle body (HDPE.) The quantity was too small, so the original vendor won’t buy back.

They are free to take to anybody willing to haul away all of them. Picture attached.

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Post 922: Fresh Out of [Location]

Free outhouse

Outhouse free for the taking. It sits on some rocks. It hasn’t been used for at least 20 years. Still in good shape.

If you would like it, you need to come and pick it up. There’s no way to get there by car or truck and you need to move it up the hill somehow.

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