Post 369: How’s That Working for You?

Zen has been in the news lately, due to the sad passing of the free spirit who wrote a book called Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Suddenly Millenniums are wondering how they can get Zen for themselves. Tragic, really. Continue reading


Post 135: Shopping Season

Sales are a way of life in the last quarter of every year. Not only are traditional holidays lined up to make everyone feel guilty if they don’t go broke, but businesses want to clear out inventory before tax time. So the businesses put everything at 40% off all purchases over $1,000 and consumers think they save money they haven’t even spent yet. It’s complicated. Continue reading

Post 118: If Only it Worked Like That

Continuing the Happy Ever After Wedding Week, I searched for tuxedos. I found dog tuxedos. I found t-shit tuxedos. I found athletic tuxedo shoes. Then, like a beacon from above, I found this tuxedo obo.

Black tuxedo obo – $250 (irregardless)

Featured image

Italian wool fabric. Worn once, it is in excellent condition
waist 36 in and in-seam is 32 in. I am 6’3 and was 180 lbs. I have gain some weight and want to sell it. I bought it for $1200.
we can ship it.

Be really careful if you buy this. Not only do you get the Italian tux, you get the weight this Sparky gained. Not a good deal.