Post 95: A Bird in the Hand

Psst! Hey, Sparky. C’mere. Over here. That’s right. Say, you look like a guy who is looking for a bird. You know, a nice bundle of cuddly feathers that you could say little words to. Is that right? Well, all you gotta do is post on Craigslist. It’s as easy as that. Don’t know what kind of bird you want? No problem. Don’t have a cage? No problem! Don’t want to travel? Hey, it’s got wings, right? Right. Continue reading


Post 93: Rock on!

Somewhere there is a Stone Farm where little pebbles are placed lovingly in the ground. Fertilizer and water help the pebbles grow into rocks and boulders. Then the public is allowed to come see the rocks and adopt them. But just like any pet that Sparky gets, chances are there will be a rehoming in the rock’s future. Continue reading