Post 401: Shady Dealings

Do you ever lay awake at night and wonder what the Sparkies in our world are getting up to now? What amazing headlines will greet you with your morning covfefe? Did some guy try to get the money out of a train station ticket machine by blowing it up? The results were not what he expected. Continue reading


Post 258: Uh. Er. Um.

Folks, it’s like this. I can spend all my time on Craigslist looking for scary/funny/unbelievable things to post here. Or you can be an official minion and find them for me. The pay is low, in fact, all you get is the pride to say “I am a minion in Sparkyville”. Also, you get the satisfaction of knowing you help keep this historic and entertaining blog going. In an election year. Continue reading

Post 252: Virtual Cleanliness is Next to the Propane Cylinder

We have a long-standing tradition in the Sparky Shaming world of misunderstanding terms used for various vehicles sold as parts. Or given away as a unit. We had a minty shell and van that had no reverse. We had The Grand Cherokee of the Beast. A Mustang that went zooom in the night. A VW Golf with a smashed in front that still worked perfectly. And one of my favorites, ads for the same make of car all spelled differently: HYUNDIA/hunday/HUYNDAY. Continue reading

Post 250: Just My Luck

You know what Monday’s Post didn’t include? Anything classic YSaC. No ottomans, no dinning tables, no reflecto porn. Is it too much to ask for something we can all get behind?

Wait, this might be it.

Really nice Armour

post 250 armour

Making more room in my house. Curb side pick up first come…. Really great condition, used as a dresser at one point and then as an entertainment center! Enjoy! I don’t know the dimensions but it is big and heavy! Bring help and a truck!!!

This is one of those Armour relationships that started as a curb side pickup, then turned into another dimension. Now it’s a cry for help and a truck.

Great find, Ralph. I do think we can all get behind it.