Post 637: Tramp!

Used functional ceiling fan with manual string controls. 3 fan speed settings and has a light.

So, Sparky, why is the ceiling fan on a trampoline? Does it only work if I hold it and jump toward the ceiling? I’m not a big fan of jumping. Guess I’ll just keep looking.


Post 391: I Feel Your Propane

Lots and lots of Americans held outdoor cooking events yesterday to celebrate their Independence from kitchens and Spotted Dick. Still, some of them were using really old equipment that maybe continues to work but looks like crap. Continue reading

Post 123: Easy!

Do you know what is the most interesting thing about appliances? The most interesting thing is that they do exactly what you expect them to do. You plug them in, turn them on, and your clothes get washed and dried, your dishes get cleaned, your carpet dirt is sucked up, your bread is toasted, and your cold cuts stay cold. Continue reading