Post 616: Beautiful Pluming Parts

Pluming parts 
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Post 607: Legal in Most States

Law book sets West’s Annotated CA U.S. Code Service lawyers – $700
Complete set Wests Annotated and U.S. Code Service. Updates for 2018 for code service. You get both sets for one price.
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Post 593: How is This a Thing?

Hula Exercise Chair

post 593 chair

Still functional. Seat and back rest are worn.

Seems to me, learning to dance the hula is enough exercise so you wouldn’t need to sit down in a chair that gets plugged in. How can you wear the seat and the back? No zippers, no arm holes. Still functional is the new age way to say Works Good. I certainly would like to see this thing in action.

Oh, wait. No, I really wish I hadn’t seen that.

Love my local Craigslist.