Post 390: Breaking the Law for Patriotism

Happy 3rd of July, folks! Independence Eve is full of excitement and preparations for picnics, family gatherings, and possible amazing deaths through stupidity. What a show! Continue reading


Post 169: Just Resting My Dragon

Have you ever smiled at a perfect stranger, not really paying attention to what they were saying, and suddenly they are your best friend and won’t shut up? Happens all the time to me. I think this Sparky is one of those types. Continue reading

Post 21: Opportunity Knocks You Upside the Head

Here at Sparkyville, we understand the American Dream. We know everyone wants to improve their place in life. Make things better for the next litter of Sparky spawn. Therefore, we are constantly looking for ways to help ease the path to that double wide mobile home with the enclosed porch and pop-out extra room. As long as the opportunity is legit. Continue reading

Stimulating Conversation

Here we have a perfect example of rational, thoughtful dialogue on the subject of material possesions.  Just kidding, it’s The Battle of The F’ing Sparkies.

f’ing low life the broke into my truck at sizzler
Ur a piece of sh*t do u feel good stealing from some one that works to pay for ur welfare y dnt u get a f’ing job and buy ur own sh*t. Stealing my other car keys u dumb f’k i hope u try n steal that it will b the last time u ever breath i will make sure of that i hope someone catches u before me then again i dont i need a moving target. Little did u know that u f’ed with the wrong whiteguy…. All u welfare cases need to get the f’k out of [location] ur the reason y we r bankrupt u mother f’ers are no good to soolciety y dnt u do all of us a favor and go kill urselfs
do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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