Post 1224: Party Pooper

Halloween Costume – $30

Unisex comfortable & easy to wear “Breathalyzer” costume, like-new condition with original packaging $25

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Post 1189: Get Stuffed

Mismatched socks

50 or more mismatched kids socks

Don’t know where the other ones went but have been collecting these lonely socks in a bag patiently awaiting their return…alas it was not meant to be

Perhaps someone can use these for a craft or sock puppets or to fill a punching bag.

Figured I’d see if anyone has a need before I throw them away

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Post 819: Bargain Basement Health

Low Price Medical Equipment – We Have Anything You Need

post 819 equipment.jpg offers millions of medical items including equipment, devices, supplies & supplements, so whatever you need, we have. Visit the website above and order what you need at the lowest price. Financing Available.
If there is something you need that you can’t find, message us because we have a lot of items that are not in our online inventory.
Some of the things we have…
Absorbance Detector, Acoustic / Traditional Stethoscope, AED Trainer & Training Pads, Aesthetic & Cosmetic Machine, Heartstart, Anesthesia Machine, Autoclave & Sterilizer, Autorefractor, Keratometer & Tonometer, Autosampler, Bioreactor & Fermenter, Blood / Hematology Analyzer, Blood Cell Counter, Blood / Fluid Warming System, Blood Pressure Machine & Monitor, Bone Densitometer, CAD / CAM Acquisition Scanner & Milling Machine, Centrifuge, Chiropractic Activator / Adjusting Tool / Tools, Chromatography System, Colposcope, Continuous Passive Motion ( CPM ) Machine, CT Scanner, Corneal Topographer, Defibrillator, AED Pad & Batteries, Density Meter / Densometer, Dental Air Compressor & Vacuum System, Dental Amalgamator, Dental Dust Collector, Dental Laser, Dialysis Machine, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, ECG & EKG Machine, EEG System, Electrocautery & Electrosurgery, Electronic Apex Locator, Electronic Stethoscope, Environmental Test Chamber, Fetal Doppler & Vascular Doppler, Baby Dopper, Fiber Optic Illuminator / Light Source, Fundus Camera, Gel Electrophoresis System, Lab Heating Mantle, Hyperbaric Chamber, Insufflator, Intraoral Camera, Lab Evaporator, Lab Freezer & Refrigerator, Lab Furnace & Oven, Lab Incubator, Lab Jack / Lifting Platform, Lab Laser, Lab Mixer, Shaker & Stirrer, Lab Press, Lab Reactor, Lab Refractometer, Lab Scale & Beam Balance, Lensmeter, Luminometer, Medical & Lab Pump, Medical Exam Thermometer, Microarray Scanner, Microplate Washer, Microscope, Lab Microtome, Model Trimmer, Moisture Analyzer, MRI System, Nebulizer, Nurse Call Equipment, Orthopedic Goniometer, Pachymeter, Particle Counter, Patient Monitor, Patient Warming Unit, PCR Thermal Cycler, Phoropter & Manual Refractor, Phototherapy Light & Systems, Pills / Tablet Making Maker Machines, Pill & Capsule Meds Counter, Pipette & Micropipette Puller, Pipettor / Automatic Pipette, Pulse Oximeter, Pupilometer, Slit Lamp, Solvent Recycler, Spectrometer & Spectrophotometer, Spinal Traction Unit, Spirometer & Peak Flow Meter, Surgical Laser, TENS / EMS Machine Unit & Electrical Muscle Stimulator, Cpap, Tissue Processor, Titrator, Training Manikin & Patient Simulator, Transilluminator & UV Crosslinker, Tympanometer & Audiometer, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Ultrasound Machine, Ultrasound Therapy Unit, Urine Analyzer, Vacuum Regulator, Ventilator, Hearing Test Device & Aid, Viscometer & Rheometer, Vision Screener & Visual Field Analyzer, Water Bath, Syringe / Needle & Syringes / Needles, Circulator & Chiller, Wax Heater, X-Ray Machine, Xray Equipment, X Ray Device, Biopsy & Surgical Punch, Dental Curettes & Scaler, Dental Curing Light, Dental Handpiece, Dental Handpiece Control Unit, Dental Handpiece Motor & Turbine, Dental Instruments, Dental & Medical Caliper, Endodontic File, Broach & Reamer, Endodontic Obturation System, Endoscope System & Camera Control Unit, Medical Furniture Such As Chairs, Portable Folding Chair, Adjustable Stools / Stool, Waiting Room, Reception, & Lounge Furniture, Table / Tables, Cart and Serving Carts, Hospital Trolley, Stand / Stands, Pole / Poles, Caregiving, Ambulance Stretcher, Endoscope, Forcep, Hemostat & Needle Holder, Gutta Percha Cutter & Trimmer, Laparoscopic Instruments, Laryngoscope, Medical Scissors & Shears, Orthodontic Plier, Otoscope & Ophthalmoscope, Reflex Hammer Scalpel, mask / masks, Surgical Blades & Handles, Specula & Sounds, Surgical & Orthopedic Instruments, Surgical & Orthopedic Saws, Surgical Handpieces, Surgical Retractor, Dental Ultrasonic Scaler, Mobility Scooter, Wheel Chair, electric wheelchair. Ace Bandages, Airway, oral, nasal, Rubbing Alcohol, bottle, swab, Antibiotic Ointment, Bacteriacides, Balms, A & D, vaseline, Band-aids, Bandages, abdominal, non-adherent, plaster, pressure, transparent, Betadine, bottle, swab, Blood Glucose Monitor, Blood Glucose Lancets, Blood Glucose Strips, Blood Pressure Monitor, manual, automatic, Blood Pressure Cuff, small, medium, large, extra-large (thigh), Bowls, small, medium, large, Bulb syringe, Burn dressings, Casting materials, Catheters, foley, straight, external urinary, suction, angio, Chest tubes, Chux disposable absorbent pads, Coban rolled cohesive bandage, Cotton tipped applicators, Crutches, Delivery kits, Dental Instruments, Diapers, infant, adult, Drapes or sterile fields, Dressing change kits, Dressings, duoderm, non-adherant, transparent, Vaseline, Endotracheal tubes, Eye pads, Gauze, Gloves, non-sterile exam, Gloves, sterile sizes 5-8, Goggles, eye, Gowns, non-sterile, Heme-Occult Kit, Irrigation tray, IV Catheters, 14g, 16g,18g, 20g, 22g, 24g, IV Caps, connectors, converters, IV Extension Sets, IV Solution sets, macrodrip, microdrip, IV Stopcocks, IV Start kits, IV Transfusion sets, KY lubricating jelly, Lancets, Lap sponges, sterile or non-sterile, Needles, assorted gauges, Ob/Gyn supplies, Orthopedic splints, slings, Oxygen masks, Plastic Emesis Basins, Plastic Bowls, Packing strips, Personal hygiene supplies, Powdered infant formula, Scalpels and blades, Sharps containers, CPR training doll, Steri-strips, Specimen containers, Suction catheters, Surgical booties, Surgical caps, Surgical drains, Surgical gowns, Surgical instruments, Surgical masks, Surgical towels, sterile or, non-sterile, Suture, non-absorbable and, absorbable, Syringes, assorted sizes, Tape, cloth; paper; plastic, Thermometers non-mercury only, Thermometer probe covers, Tongue depressors, Urinary catheters, Urine drainage bags, Washbasins, infant, Ambu Bag- Valve-Mask-Resuscitator, infant, pediatric, adult, Anesthesia machines, Autoclaves, Blood analysis equipment, Blood pressure monitors, adult and pediatric, Bovie items, Cardiac monitors, Defibrillators, Defibrillators, EKG machines, Exam tables, Fetal dopplers, Fetoscopes, Gurneys, Hoyer lifts with sling, Infant incubators and warmers, IV poles, Laryngoscopes and stylets, Microscopes, Nebulizers, Ophthalmoscopes, OR tables, Otoscopes, Oxygen concentrators / concentrator / conserver, Oxygen gauges, Portable ultrasound machines, Portable x-ray machines, Pulse oximeters, Reflex hammers, Scales, manual and electronic, Stethoscopes, Suction equipment, Surgical instruments, Thermometers, Ventilators, Video Towers, Walkers, Wheelchairs, Medical Furniture, All position chairs, Beds, electric or manual, Bedside tables, Cribs, Isolettes, Patient room chairs, Geriatric Chairs, Geriatric Chair, Mattress, Over the bed tray table, Anesthesia — masks, breathing circuits, LMA’s, hyperinflation bags, epidural kits, teaching aids, dual sex human torso model, Casting Materials — undercast padding, plaster wrap, casting tape, Drainage/Irrigation — irrigation trays, suction catheters, yankauers, wound evacuators, Drapes — surgical, exam, single and drape packs, Dressings — gauze pads/rolls, elastic, bandages, wound dressings, dressing kits, ed medical tape, Electrodes — EKG/ECG, ESU, EMS, defibrillation, needles/blades, Endo/Laparoscopic — staplers, trocars, obturators, graspers, dissectors, Feeding — nasogastric tubes, enteral administration sets, gravity bags, Gloves — surgical and exam, Gowns — surgical & patient, Infant — bottles, newborn caps, diapers, birthing blankets, IV — administration sets, IV catheters, winged infusion sets, epidural supplies, ext. sets, Lab — specimen collection, vacutainers, test tubes/bottles, pipettes, culture media, Med Apparel — scrubs, masks, caps, shoe covers, aprons, Mobility Aids — wheel chairs crutches, walkers, canes, Monitoring — leads, temp probes, BP cuffs, pulse ox/O2 sensors, Needles/Syringes — all types and varieties, sharps disposal containers, Nursing Aids — dressing aids, underpads, restraints, anti-embolism stockings, diapers, OB/GYN — umbilical catheters, speculums, maternity briefs/pads, umbilical clamps, midmark 404, outdoor heated inflatable hot tub / tubs spa Operating Room — surgical packs, table covers, surgical instruments, CBD Oil, Hemp Seed, towels, Orthopedic — post op boots/shoes, braces, slings, undercast padding, splints, Ostomy — pouches/bags, barriers, stoma powder/deodorizer, Personal Hygiene — body wash/shampoo, toothpaste, combs/brushes, washcloths, Respiratory — nasopharyngeal, ambu bags/resuscitators, nasal cannulas, endo/trach/bronchial tubes, Skin Prep — alcohol pads, iodine applicators, soap, scrub brushes, lubricating jelly, Sutures — all types and varieties, wound closure devices, Urinary — catheters, catheter trays, drainage bags, skin prep items, specimen containers We also have top brands such as Olympus, Stryker, Welch Allyn, GE Healthcare (General Electric), Agilent, Medtronic plc, Johnson & Johnson, Philips Healthcare, Siemens Healthineers, Fresenius Medical Care, Abbott Laboratories, Becton Dickinson, Cardinal Health, 3M

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