Post 271: It’s a Gas

We have slipped from Summer to Autumn, wending our way to that special holiday where we all get to dress up as someone or something we want to be. That’s right Thanksgiving is right around the calendar, and we get to pretend we like our family, we don’t want another slice of pie, and that booze is not an important part of a balanced meal. Continue reading

Post 267: It’s Not Polite to Stair

Have you ever bought a house, only to discover there was not way to get into or out of the place? I’ll bet the first thing you did was turn to Craigslist, right? I mean, after you sued the former owner who made off with the elevated walkway and possibly the realtor who didn’t notice, either. Lucky for you, if you live in Canada, help is available. Continue reading

Post 264: Can’t See the Boat for the Trees

Too bad Sparky didn’t post this ad on Arbor Day. There would have been hundreds of people willing to take the boat, the trailer, and the trees. I wish Sparky didn’t have to be so demanding about these things. You must do this, you must do that. Who does he think he is, God? Continue reading