Post 1220: Mostly Armless

doll parts – 97 sets

There are 97 full duplicate sets. There’s another bag that has just the head and hat. They are all disconnected. The elastic that held the arms and head to the body has eroded over the years in storage. Has a body (legs are attached and do not move), head, arms and a hat. On the heads, some eyes are opened, some are closed and some open and close. I don’t know what these were for but maybe you can think of something to revive these. I did not find any name or place of where these were made on any parts.

If interested, please state when you are able to pick up (DAY/TIME). If you do not include that info. your response will be deleted. No phone numbers- I will not call or text. If 2 or more respond, I may split the lot in two so beware that you may get half the lot.

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