Post 153: I Already Got One

A few months back, Sparkys across the nation tried to sell things so that they could have cash for Christmas presents. Most of the things they sold were last year’s presents. It’s a vicious circle, the root of poverty and hypertension in America. Continue reading


Post 146: Happy Holidays!

I am dragging a bit because my Christmas decorations are scattered all over the garage. I don’t have the energy or time to go looking in all the boxes for the stuff, and I don’t have room to put up all the stuff I have. So maybe I’ll ignore what I already have and just buy some new stuff. Let’s see what’s available. Continue reading

Post 143: Let the Buyer Bee Wares

For the coming holiday season, which started on Thanksgiving and will extend through Halloween 2016, I wish each and every one of you, all five of my readers, may have bees upon you. In the style of the classic bee-bedecked truck, may you have swarms of bees at every turn. Enough bees so that you might have to call Sparky to get them removed. Continue reading