Post 605: Witness Protection

Part Three of Pet Week Again! Continue reading


Post 535: Cribbage

Exta Pieces that came with toddler bed
Are you working on a project and could you a couple of pieces of pressed wood? Take these off my hands!!

I have a better solution, Sparky. Put them down. There, now they are off your hands and no one had to figure out what to do with these painted, pressed wood. It can’t be burned, or shouldn’t be. It’s an odd shape so it won’t work in too many projects. I can’t even let the parrots chew on it.

Oh, and NinjaChow has this cogent observation: “I hope they weren’t really necessary parts.” True, Sparky won’t notice that he needed them until his child breaks a leg when falling out of the toddler bed.

Post 147: Crazy Union Laws

A dog just moved in to my house. She demands feeding twice a day, walking twice per day, walking attendant to pick up after her, regular play time with the cat, dibs on any food that falls, Greenies every night, and protection against the insane parrot who has already attacked her once. She’s an autumn, so her harness is a light green, her cushion is brown, and she is negotiation for new carpet in the house. Continue reading