Post 812: When Life Hands You Lemons

Lemons for toilet paper

post 812 leoms.jpg

Lemons for toilet paper.

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Post 768: Snap On! Snap Off!

snap on solus ultra – $1000
nice computer ..has no damage ..touch screen looks new ..battery works perfect ..updated to 12.4
looking to get 1000 obo for it… these sell for around 4000 new and this one looks new
also always interested in trades ..lmk what you have

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Post 561: Trader Blows

Trade pup for birds

post 562 pup

I am looking to trade my Belgian pup for birds. He is 18 weeks old and is up to date on vaccines and dewormed.

Oh, Sparky. You should consult the Relative Value Chart (RVC) before making an offer like this. Now, if your Belgian has papers, he’s worth an Amazon and a handful of Gouldian finches. If he’s not registered and entered this country illegally, then we have to take him away. Sorry. If he IS registered but not housebroken, he’s worth 10 sun conures. Keep him until he learns a few commands and when to go where, you could trade him for an African Grey. Maybe.

The best I can offer you now is a flock of budgerigars and a pair of doves. Take it or leave it.