Post 424: I Like My Toast Like I Like My Toaster

Free burnt up toaster

post 424 burnt toaster

Work great right up until… will consider trades of equal value.

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Post 305: That Sinking Feeling

Here’s your Rose-tinted glasses. You are going to need them to look at today’s offering. Remember, things in Sparkyville don’t get fixed up all that often, so an item we would classify as trash is an antique to Sparky. And worth oodles of money. Continue reading

Post 144: Love It or List It, Canada

This time of year, people work hard to make their homes look holly and jolly! A few lights here, a bit of garland there, and soon you have a house fit for a child-eating witch. These little improvements can help raise the price of your little foot of paradise, insuring that you can purchase a new home which might actually have room for you to step inside. Continue reading