Post 988: Invitation to a Kill

road trip

Had to pull something off of Pinterest — Not my type

im looking for any female that is bored and just want to get away for a couple of days . it can be las vegas or up north. it doesnt matter im bored . im going to rent a car . just a friend thing only . im not your type. just keeping it real. let me no if you want to go somewhere even if its just to visit a family member . i can drop you off and pick you back up. all im asking is for a cool conversation and at least 1 lunch with me . im buying .

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Post 905: Erstwhile, Extendible, and Mahogony


This table has been restored to its erstwhile beauty by meticulous craftsmen. The additional (optional) leaves are 22″ X 48″ and the table when fully extended is 92″ X 48″. When not extended, it is 48″ X 48″ The “outside” legs with bottom rollers fold inward and upward when not in use, like a landing gear on an airplane, and snap to a locked and tucked position. It’s a beauty. Incidentally, I did the restoration myself since I restore nearly anything but specialize in antiquities. If you have any other needs, please give me a call. Thank you.

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Post 691: A Star is Pwned


post 691 props

2 video producers are looking for an engaging undiscovered stand-out talent to star in our developing series.
Generally our subject matter is outdoor related; Lost ruins, ancient mysteries, possibly a visit to Baja.
Compensation will be minimum to start. We are looking for someone who is willing to grow with us, while practicing their art.
Please send your 30-60 second video resume/commercial to email below.
(cell phone selfie-video resume stating experience & goals is fine)

Here at Castle Anthrax Talent Agency, we practice our art every day. In between dressing and undressing, knitting exciting underwear, and writing skit comedy, we look for attractive people who want to act but don’t value themselves enough to ask for compensation. We’ll be visiting ruins south of the border and if you come down with some horrible insect-borne disease, your scenes will be cut and we won’t take your calls. Isn’t this exciting?