Post 576: Teenage Mutant Ninja Watermelon— What?

Ninja Watermelon plush
Ninja Watermelon plush

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Post 574: Free Doesn’t Mean Good

FREE Small Leather Sofa,Dinner+Chairs and Shelves
  FREE Small Leather 2seat Sofa,Dinner+Chairs and Shelves Perfect for Studio size condo .
All In good condition .first come, first served – You pick up all .

Must all go by JUNE 30 .

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Post 570: Sitter, Not a Walker

Pet sitter available (no dogs)

My last fur baby recently passed away from old age and I can no longer afford pets (vet bills). I love animals and already feel lonely without them in my life, so I thought maybe pet sitting would help me with companionship while providing a cheap service to those in need! Continue reading

Post 567: Long Ago and Faraday

Back in the 1950s when I was born, we didn’t have mattresses or cushions on our day beds. We were happy to have the steel frame so we weren’t on the ground. And if we needed both beds, we had to hold one up to make it the same height. None of those fancy spring releases to push, I can tell you! We also knew the difference between a day bed and a trundle. Now get that contraption off my lawn! Continue reading