Post 478: You’ll Have to Sort This One Out Yourselves

Hello, could someone get this stick out of my nether regions? Hello? I really must be going, they can’t start the hunt without me. Oh, bother. Continue reading


Post 423: The New Nigerian Scam

Look at this ad! Just look at it. This goatherd wants you to believe he can’t get other goats to play with his dwarf. How could anyone say no to that face? Play with my goats? Sure, let me run out and buy some first. Feed me molasses pellets and ice cream? Obviously yes. Continue reading

Post 170: Polly Wants to Whack Her.

Parrots are fun, loud, messy, pets, for whom being tamed doesn’t mean being domesticated. They still think everything is trying to kill them, and their fight or flight instinct is strong. Most trainers or behaviorists will work with the owner to help them understand and act correctly with the companion animal. Continue reading