Post 838: Dome-estic Violence

Winegard carryout G2 automatic satelite – $80

post 838 dome.jpg

Winegard G2 satellite. Come with mounting bracket for semi truck or and vertical location the mount it. Dome is beat up from hitting trees. It still worked fine.
I no longer have the cables that go with it. Sold as is.

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Post 825: A Few Minor Issues

4.5 yr doberman
I’m looking for a good home for a 4.5 doberman he is a good dog just has issues I was not told about when I adopted him .
1. he has been abused in the past
2. he can be a little aggressive
snapping, lunging and growling
did bit me once got my finger
3. he is not well leash trained
4. not well socialized ..
5. does not like loud noise and gets skittish
the good about him he can be very loving does good around the house off leash stays fairly close and comes when called he is house trained,
dosent bark inside …
for the reasons listed above I wont let him go to a home with kids and will be asking adopter to sign an acknowledgement agreement for the issues listed …
small 200$ adopting fee

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